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Veterans Day, 2019

by Anthony Simones JD, PhD, director of citizenship education

Updated veterans day 2019

by Anthony Simones JD, PhD, director of citizenship education

On this day, we honor those men and women who have served in the military of the United States. We have all heard stories of individuals choosing to place themselves in harm’s way in service to the country.  

George Herbert Walker Bush, upon turning 18 in 1942, enlisted in the Navy instead of attending Yale. He became an aviator and his plane was shot down in the Pacific Theater. Pat Tillman walked away from an NFL career to join the Army in the wake of 9/11 and was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. Max Rose, after obtaining a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, enlisted in the Army and served in Afghanistan, where he earned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Today, Rose is a member of Congress from New York. These are impressive and noteworthy examples of sacrifice, from people who could have easily avoided the horrors of war. 

For every well-known story like these, there are a multitude of people who chose to serve without fanfare or publicity. Like Bush, Tillman and Rose, they served because they saw it as their duty. Unlike Bush, Tillman and Rose, they served in anonymity. Newspaper articles were not written about them, but their sacrifice helped to move the country forward. Whether in wartime or peace, they contributed to initiatives that made the world a better and safer place. They are our fathers and mothers, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters. They endeavored to make a difference.  

Our country was created with the sacrifice and courage of the Founding Fathers. That legacy is continued with everyone who has chosen to serve our nation. 

On this Veterans Day, we thank them and recognize them for their service.