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Anne Chambers helps legal professionals address challenges in their lives

Anne ChambersMay is Mental Health Awareness Month – a time to remember that self-care is vital in one’s overall wellness. Anne Chambers, director of the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program at The Missouri Bar, seeks to help legal professionals resolve personal and professional challenges while focusing on their well-being.

MOLAP provides free, confidential services to members of The Missouri Bar, immediate family members who reside with them, and law students. MOLAP services include unlimited, 24/7 counseling that can be in person, virtual, or by phone; crisis intervention; and education and prevention. MOLAP also connects members with volunteers for peer support in similar areas of recovery.

“Part of being a helping professional is considering how to keep replenishing that well of emotional and physical energy so that you have something left to give,” Chambers said. “If you’re running on fumes, there’s a point where it’s hard to help somebody, so it’s important to take some time to refresh and renew periodically.”

This replenishment could mean taking a mental break from work, getting enough sleep, exploring new hobbies, exercising, limiting time on social media, and eating a balanced diet. The Missouri Bar’s Lawyers Living Well Special Committee highlighted tips and resources in five different areas of wellness during Well-Being Week in Law May 2-6 – physical, spiritual, occupational and intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

“How someone handles challenges in life speaks volumes,” Chambers said, adding it sets a standard for future legal professionals, family, and friends.

“I think if we care for ourselves, we can set an example of what to do when we’re faced with challenges in our lives,” she said.

Chambers has worked as a licensed clinical social worker for 30 years, joining The Missouri Bar a decade ago after working as a social work supervisor at the Fulton State Hospital.

She said one of the aspects of her job she loves is hearing positive updates from clients, such as passing the bar exam, getting engaged, or reaching their one-year milestone of sobriety.

“I like to look at the riddle of, ‘How do we deal with the challenges of our lives?’” Chambers said. “I like to see people make progress in making changes in their lives, from large to small.”

Those interested in MOLAP’s services can call 1-800-688-7859 or email Chambers at achambers@mobar.org.

MOLAP is also currently accepting presentation proposals for the virtual 27th Annual Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Conference on Nov. 4. Interested speakers have until June 3 to submit presentation proposals.