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Cox: ‘You’re making a difference in their life’

Lawyer Chris Cox answers 800 questions through Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org

TW_MOFLA volunteer Chris CoxWhen lawyer Chris Cox began volunteering for Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org in 2016, he quickly realized how answering simple legal questions can mean the world to low-income residents.

Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org is a free virtual clinic that allows low- to moderate-income Missourians to ask up to three non-criminal legal questions each year. Missouri lawyers can then voluntarily log into the virtual clinic using a laptop, tablet, or phone whenever and wherever they want to help answer questions.

Cox thought he would play a minor role in Missourians’ lives when he began volunteering for Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org seven years ago. He has since found “a huge sense of fulfillment” in helping residents even better understand their legal rights.

“I quickly learned that simple legal answers that seem second nature and ‘minor’ to us lawyers mean the world to some people who really don’t have access to a lawyer,” he said. “The sincere heartfelt ‘thank you’ replies that I’ve received from some of the users make it all worthwhile. You’re making a difference in their life.”

Cox, with the Law Office of Christopher P. Cox, L.L.C. in Chesterfield, recently answered his 800th question through Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org. Cox focuses on questions regarding estate planning, probate, and trust administration, but has also answers questions related to family law, business, and landlord-tenant issues.

“I’m thrilled that I was able to help that many Missourians who otherwise may not have access to a lawyer, or who, without my advice, may have made some very poor decisions with their legal matter,” Cox said.

Cox said he was impressed by the ease and convenience of Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org for both volunteers and clients.

In today’s digital age, the internet contains thousands of misleading or incorrect legal answers. With Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org, clients know they are receiving legal answers for their exact situations from trusted lawyers.

“It seems that so many people are looking for online answers these days, and Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org allows those people who would otherwise get lost in the system or overlooked to get customized legal advice from a lawyer,” Cox said.

For lawyers who volunteer through Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org, they decide what questions they want to answer and how much time to spend answering questions – whether it’s five minutes or several hours a month. Volunteers can also answer questions from anywhere and at any time. Cox regularly responds to questions through his office computer, tablet, and phone between appointments.

“As strange as it sounds, it’s sort of a relaxing stress-reliever to get on the board and answer a few quick questions,” Cox said. “It is probably one of the easiest pro bono activities out there.”

Cox encouraged lawyers to sign up and devote 10 minutes a week, if they have the time, to answer one legal question on Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org. Once they start, he added, they’ll quickly see how easy it is to help clients.

Click here to sign up to volunteer for Missouri.FreeLegalAnswers.org.