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Get involved in continuing legal education

This year, discover meaningful ways to contribute to the advancement of legal knowledge and growth within your Missouri legal community. Whether you'd like to share your professional experience, engage in committee activities, propose or present on innovative CLE topics, or contribute to publications, there are myriad ways to help shape the dynamic world of continuing legal education.

Speak at a conference

Share your knowledge with colleagues by presenting at a conference produced by The Missouri Bar. When lawyers share their experiences practicing law, it provides the entire profession with the opportunity to improve. The following conferences still have openings for speakers:

·  Annual Estate, Trust & Elder Law Institute:  Watch for the upcoming proposal form in the weekly ESQ. e-newsletter and on in the Elder Law and Estate Planning and Probate Administration Law committees.

Volunteer speakers and moderators are encouraged to submit a volunteer form online.

Join an open enrollment committee

All members of The Missouri Bar are invited and encouraged to become involved in committee/section activities. Lawyers can choose from more than 40 open enrollment committees/sections, most with a purpose and activities related to a substantive area of law. Missouri lawyers can join any of these committees/sections at any time of the year by signing into the Practice Portal on

If you’re interested in joining a conference-specific planning committee, first join a related open enrollment committee, then reach out to the committee chair and communicate your interest in becoming more involved. You can also contact MoBarCLE directly to be referred to the committee chair.

Submit ideas for CLE topics

Lawyers are encouraged to submit online webinar program suggestions on a continual basis to help ensure that MoBarCLE offerings reflect the current legal landscape.

If you have a topic you’d like to learn more about or if you would like to present a program, fill out an online form to submit your ideas. Per Missouri Supreme Court Rule 15.05, speakers can receive MCLE credit for presenting at CLE programs. Moderators can also receive credit for the time they are present at a program.

Volunteer to author or review a deskbook

MoBarCLE publications is currently looking for volunteers to write the following chapters for an updated Family Law Deskbook:

•  Child custody and visitation rights

•  Rights of the unwed

Volunteers are also encouraged to review the following Family Law Deskbook chapters:

•  Conflict of laws

•  Tort liability and the family relationship

•  Use of experts

•  Appeals

To learn more or volunteer, contact Marla Day or call 573-638-2236 and identify the chapters you are interested in writing or reviewing.