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How Do I... file for The Missouri Bar Board of Governors?

File by June 21 for 2022 board vacancies

Serving on The Missouri Bar's Board of Governors is a unique way to get directly involved in the policy-making decisions of the organization. Board members, who are elected by fellow lawyers, represent their respective district for two years, beginning at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. During that time, board members meet frequently to help shape the strategies to fulfill the bar’s goals of improving the profession, the law and the administration of justice on behalf of all Missourians. Board members also join specialty board committees focused on finance, strategic planning, appointments, general committee and division assessments, and member services. If you are interested in seeking election to the Board of Governors, read on for FAQs about the process.  

How many people serve on the Board of Governors? 

The Board of Governors is a 45-member elected group of lawyers who represent the members in their districts. 

How are members selected? 

Each year, Missouri lawyers vote in the Board of Governors election using an electronic ballot, emailed from  the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA). Missouri Bar members are eligible to vote in the election based upon the current Board of Governors voting district that is on file for a member. The voting district is defined in Rule 6.01(i): “the voting place designated shall be the place where the lawyer is employed or maintains his or her principal office for the full-time practice of law.”

What are the current vacancies? 

There are 20 upcoming vacancies on the Board of Governors, including in Districts 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. There is an additional vacancy for the Eastern District. Find your board district here. 

How do I complete a petition? 

Nominating petitions for vacancies on The Missouri Bar Board of Governors are due no later than June 21, 2022. District and Appellate District Board petitions must be signed by a minimum of 10 Missouri Bar members who are in good standing, enrolled and entitled to vote in the respective district. Electronic submissions and electronic signatures are permitted. The same forms may also be printed and signed in the traditional manner. (If you gather electronic signatures, we would recommend using a single form, rather than multiple forms, and having each member sign, save, and forward it to the next person before the final person signing returns it to the candidate for submission.) If you have questions about creating an electronic signature, click here. Once completed, petitions may be emailed or mailed to the clerk of the Supreme Court of Missouri. If emailed, the original must be retained by the candidate in his or her file for one year and be available upon request.