15:56 PM

‘Is It Legal To…?’: Casenet and court automation

In the early 1990s, Missouri’s state legislature made the decision to move forward in using computer technology to improve routine tasks courts do and make them consistent across all courts in the state. The result has been national recognition for leadership and advancement in court automation, as well as an international award for the achievements Missouri has made in the field. 

In The Missouri Bar’s newest episode of the “Is It Legal To…?” podcast, Bob Priddy and Farrah Fite discuss Casenet and court automation with former Chief Judge Gary Lynch, of the Missouri Court of Appeals-Southern District. Lynch served as the chair of the Missouri Court Automation Committee for over a decade.

Lynch retired on June 18 (after this podcast episode was recorded) following nearly 20 years on the bench. He served as an associate circuit judge in Polk County before being appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2006.  

Listen to the new episode here or by clicking the play button below.