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‘Is It Legal To…?’: Election law

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, thousands of Missourians will cast their votes on Election Day – if they haven’t already through absentee voting. The right to vote is a fundamental part of democracy, one that is heavily protected in the U.S. Constitution. And while we are taught that the right to vote is sacred, the laws surrounding voting and elections are often confusing.

In a new special episode of the “It Is Legal To…?” podcast, election lawyers Steve Davis, of True North Law LLC of St. Louis, and Chuck Hatfield, of Stinson LLP in Jefferson City, dive into topics surrounding U.S. citizens’ right to vote, like voter registration, voting accessibility, redistricting, and petitioning. They also talk about the role of the election authority and how residents can volunteer as poll workers and election judges in their communities.

Listen to the new episode at https://soundcloud.com/user-784534365/is-it-legal-to-election-laws or by clicking the play button below. Voters are also encouraged to visit the Missouri Secretary of State’s website for more information about voting.

Ahead of Tuesday’s election, the Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee also reviewed 52 nonpartisan judges who will be up for retention, under Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan. All Missouri voters will have at least four appellate judges appear in retention elections on their ballot. Visit YourMissouriJudges.org to view the judges’ evaluations, opinions, and more. Unsure of how to best use the judicial performance reviews? Click here for tips to help you – along with your family, friends, and clients – make the most of The Missouri Plan and the retention process.

“Is It Legal To…?” is produced by The Missouri Bar, with Communications Director Farrah Fite and veteran Missourinet reporter Bob Priddy as the hosts. To listen to more episodes, visit MissouriLawyersHelp.org/IsItLegalTo

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