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Meet #MOLawyers: Adrienne Haynes

Vol. 78, No. 3 / May-June 2022

Adrienne Haynes



Adrienne Haynes is the managing partner of SEED Law and a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. From Peoria, IL, Haynes joined The Missouri Bar in 2015. Haynes has also presented at MOSOLO since 2019.

SEED Law's mission is to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses to provide legal solutions that promote sustainable business practices. Why did you want to focus your business on this area? 

Before law school, I was an entrepreneur who was beginning to understand that policies, processes, and infrastructure were the keys to sustainability. Through SEED Law, we are able to provide on-going, practical educational opportunities and consistent general counsel for our clients. Ultimately, our entire state is better off when business owners and economic contributors understand and have incorporated legal protections. 

Who is your legal mentor? 

I am fortunate to have 300+ legal mentors through the Black Female Attorneys Network, Inc. I have been volunteering with the network since I was in law school, and I’ve learned an immense amount from our membership – both personally and professionally. Through the guidance and support I’ve received from BFA, I’m a better lawyer and community member. 

What do you most enjoy about presenting at MOSOLO?

I love hearing from students looking to start their own firms after graduation and meeting practicing lawyers transitioning into running their own firms. It’s a great chance to share the things I wish I would have known (hindsight is 20/20) and some of our strategies. 

What is something you want to do that is on your bucket list? 

My current bucket list has 102 goals, with 73 items left to do. Much of the list revolves around travel, developing sustainable generational wealth strategies for my family, and of course, being in the same room as Oprah. 

What is one food you despise? 

I accidently ordered skate fish at a restaurant, and it now tops the list of food I despise. 

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