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Meet your new Board of Governors: Michael L. Miller

TW_Meet your Board of Governors_Michael L MillerSpringfield lawyer Michael L. Miller, chief operating officer and general counsel for Mid-Missouri Bank, was elected as The Missouri Bar Board of Governors District 10 representative earlier this year, and he has several goals for his time on the board. 

This summer, Missouri lawyers, voting in districts throughout the state, elected four new members – Miller, Hon. Corey Moon, Mark J. Welker, and Bryan Sanger – to the 45-member Board of Governors of The Missouri Bar. Board members are elected to serve two-year terms, which begin with the bar’s Annual Meeting in late September. 

Here, Miller shares what he hopes to accomplish while serving on the board.

What made you interested in joining the Board of Governors?

As a class member and co-adviser of The Missouri Bar Leadership Academy, I was able to observe a number of Board of Governors meetings and learn about the impact The Missouri Bar has on its members and the public. To have a voice in those meetings and represent my district in sustaining and improving the services offered its members and the public was and is of great interest to me.

What part of serving on the board are you most excited about?

The Missouri Bar does a great job serving its members. It can do that through support from lawyers from all areas of the state, from all types of practices, and with all levels of experience. I am looking forward to learning from those board members with different backgrounds, practices, and experiences than me and understanding how we can utilize all of those perspectives to ensure Missouri lawyers continue to benefit from what The Missouri Bar provides to its members.

What do you want the lawyers you represent to know?

I am available. I hope that anyone that has questions or concerns about how the Board of Governors is operating or thoughts on how to improve The Missouri Bar [...] will reach out to me so we can discuss.

What do you enjoy most about The Missouri Bar?

The Missouri Bar creates many opportunities where members can engage. Whether it be the Annual Meeting, the Spring and Fall Committee Meetings, continuing legal education programs, the Leadership Academy, or other conferences, there are ample opportunities to meet and engage [...] and develop relationships that a lawyer might otherwise not make in their daily practice. Those developed relationships make the practice of law better and strengthen the culture of The Missouri Bar.