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#MoBarNews: February 2023 recap

As we prepare for spring, here are the top stories from February!

Missouri Chief Justice Paul C. Wilson delivers 2023 State of the Judiciary

Missouri Chief Justice Paul C. Wilson focused on the importance of service to Missourians in his State of the Judiciary address to the state legislature earlier this month. He also covered the rule of law, public trust in the judiciary, recognition and competitive compensation for court personnel, technology, and addressing the mental health crisis as it relates to delayed justice.

Click here to read what Wilson had to say during his State of the Judiciary.

Leadership Academy seeks client stories

The Missouri Bar Leadership Academy is working on a project called “My Missouri Lawyer,” which will feature real people who had legal problems that Missouri lawyers helped resolve. These stories will help the public understand the various ways Missouri lawyers work hard to assist people and serve the public.

If you are a member of the public and have a lawyer-success story you want to share, click here. If you are a lawyer who helped a client with their legal needs, click here to share your and your client’s story.

January/February 2023 Journal hits mailboxes

Missouri lawyers received their January/February 2023 copy of the Journal earlier this month, where they could read about three lawyers that met through the profession and fell in love, the “causation question” that centers around murder cases, and more. Missouri Bar Executive Director Mischa Buford Epps also connected with lawyers from across the state to ask what they love most about the legal profession.

Click here to read the full January/February 2023 issue.

“Is It Legal To…?” discusses Black History Month and juvenile law

The Missouri Bar’s “Is It Legal To…?” podcast published two episodes in February highlighting juvenile law, as well as the freedom suits and “The Milly Project.”

In the freedom suits and “The Milly Project” episode, guests Hon. David C. Mason, circuit judge with the 22nd Judicial Circuit, and Christa Moss, civil assistant U.S. attorney, discuss the Freedom Suits Memorial in downtown St. Louis, the award-winning film adaptation “The Milly Project,” and why stories of courageous Black individuals still resonate with the legal profession today. Click here to listen.

In the juvenile law episode, guest Natasha Hastings, chief legal counsel with the St. Charles County Juvenile Office, explores what juvenile law encompasses, how juvenile law differs from other areas of law, and how courts handle crimes involving those under 18 years old. Click here to listen.

Most popular story

As usual, the bar’s most popular articles were January’s In Memoriam, followed by The Missouri Bar’s weekly case summaries. The bar provides links to all hand-downs by the Supreme Court of Missouri and the Missouri Court of Appeals each week online. There are headings and summaries for each case. Summaries are not part of the opinions of the Court. They have been prepared for the convenience of the reader and should not be quoted or cited.

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