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Leadership Academy seeks client stories for ‘My Missouri Lawyer’ project

People love to tell jokes about lawyers, but the truth is, we need lawyers to help us find solutions to legal issues and navigate the legal system.

The Missouri Bar Leadership Academy is working on a project called “My Missouri Lawyer,” which will feature real people who had real legal problems that Missouri lawyers helped resolve. These stories will help the public understand the various ways Missouri lawyers work hard to assist people and serve the public.

Often when someone discusses a lawyer, the story centers on the their issue and how the justice system handled the problem. But that's just “one side of the coin,” said Brendan Kottenstette, a member of the 2022-23 Leadership Academy class. “My Missouri Lawyer” will spotlight the other side of that coin – how lawyers helped individuals find solutions to legal problems.

Lawyers (are) … experts at navigating the legal field in a way that defends or upholds their clients’ rights,” Kottenstette added. “Lawyers give a voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless. These are the stories of Missourians who found solutions to their problems through the help of their Missouri lawyers. How they found a voice. How they found power to. And how this helped them move forward with their lives.”

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Each Leadership Academy class contains about a dozen lawyers recently admitted to the bar who have already shown leadership qualities within their communities. Each class is tasked with developing and launching a public service project. My Missouri Lawyer” is the 2022-23 Leadership Academy class’s public service project.