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MOLAP: Confidential counseling for Missouri lawyers

In 1991, The Missouri Bar, noting that impairment can directly affect a lawyer’s quality of service to clients, expanded its existing Missouri Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program to include preventative and informative offerings via the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program (MOLAP).  

“The Missouri Bar is committed to doing everything possible to assist its members, their families, and employees with impairment problems,” said then-executive director Keith A. Birkes.  

Today, MOLAP continues to offer support for lawyers experiencing depression, anxiety, burnout, substance use, and other personal concerns that can impact their lives at work and home.  

No-cost, confidential services

MOLAP’s resources are available to all lawyers and judges at no cost, including counseling or counselor referrals; crisis intervention; and educational programming. MOLAP services are confidential; reaching out for help does not impact a lawyer’s license to practice. 

Resources for firms

Law firms can play an important part in the well-being of lawyers. With that in mind, MOLAP offers a Model Policy for Law Firms that can be implemented in offices of all sizes. The policy, endorsed by The Missouri Bar Board of Governors, is a valuable tool for law firms when addressing a lawyer’s substance abuse and/or mental health issues. 


MOLAP believes that conversation about tough topics can help lawyers overcome challenges and even better serve their clients and communities. MOLAP hosts an annual conference and celebrates Well-Being Week in the Law. Beyond that, MOLAP works with the Standing Committee on Well-Being in the Profession to offer no-cost CLEs focused on well-being issues and connect like-minded individuals on the connect.MOBAR digital platform.  

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and hope. For free, confidential screening, please contact the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program at 800-688-7859.