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Nominate lawyers for one of three MOLAP awards

Deadline for nominations is 9/17

Each year, The Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program recognizes lawyers for their work in support of well-being and recovery in the legal profession. Nominations are now open for three MOLAP awards, which are sponsored by The Bar Plan and presented during MOLAP’s annual conference. 

The James T. Britt Memorial Award is presented to an individual who over the years or in a pioneering manner has advanced the cause of relief and recovery for attorneys in Missouri. In addition, the Dorothy Kaiser Award is presented in recognition of the pioneering contributions over the years in the field of chemical dependency, recovery, and continuing, compassionate care for female lawyers in Missouri. Finally, the Warren Welliver Award  recognizes a lawyer who best exemplified compassion and concern for lawyers in Missouri during the past year. 

Learn more about last year’s recipients here.

To nominate lawyers for one or more of these recognitions, complete this form by Sept. 17, 2023.