21:29 PM

Supreme Court of Missouri rescinds COVID-19 orders

The Supreme Court of Missouri rescinded its COVID-19 orders, effective Feb. 25, 2022. 

The Feb. 25 order rescinded the following orders: 

  • “Face Mask or Covering Required as a Result of COVID-19 Delta Variant” from Aug. 2, 2021; 
  • “Revised COVID-19 Directives” from May 28, 2021; 
  • “Supreme Court Criminal Rules Requiring the Defendant’s Personal Appearance During the COVID-19 Pandemic” from April 17, 2020;  
  • “Signed Return Receipt of Certified or Registered Mail During the COVID-19 Pandemic” from April 6, 2020; and  
  • “Emergency Procedures for the Administering of Oaths and Affirmations During the COVID-19 Pandemic” from March 25, 2020. 

The Court now gives the chief and presiding judges of each court full authority and discretion to determine if and what precautionary measures – such as masking and social distancing – should be implemented in their court facilities, according to a Friday email from Supreme Court of Missouri Clerk Betsy AuBuchon. 

Two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world full force, leading countries, businesses, schools, and courts to implement emergency protocols. However, many places are now revising their protocols as part of transitioning to a “new normal.” In an email Friday, AuBuchon said the rescission is part of this long-term approach.  

Click here to read the Supreme Court of Missouri’s orders.