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Upcoming ethics programs for Missouri lawyers

If you’re looking for ethics programs to fulfill your minimum continuing legal education requirements, MoBarCLE has sessions tying Bonnie and Clyde to modern day attorney ethics to no-cost programs prioritizing lawyer well-being.  

Oct. 24 | The ethics fight of the century: Hoffman vs. Sharswood
1.0 MCLE / 1.0 E | $120 | Online webinar

Join Stuart Teicher as he talks about how the paradigm of zealous advocacy continues to reverberate through the practice of law today.

Topics discussed:

    Rule 8.4, and the role of deception in advocacy

    Rule 1.3 and the reference to zeal in advocacy

    Various Preamble sections of the ethics code

Oct. 26 | (No-cost) Psychological safety: The key to high-performing legal teams

1.0   MCLE / 1.0 E | $0 | Online webinar

According to research, psychological safety is a critical component of any high-functioning team. Psychological safety occurs when team members can comfortably admit mistakes, voice concerns, brainstorm off-the-wall ideas, share honest opinions, and ask questions – all without fear of judgment or reprisal. Without it, workplace interactions become dysfunctional and workplace engagement suffers, leading to decreased productivity and efficiency.

In this session, we’ll discuss the important role of psychological safety in the legal profession and explore strategies and tools to create or boost the level of psychological safety in your offices, teams, and one-on-one interactions.

Speaker: Erin McClernon, Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC, Kansas City

Nov. 2 | 28th Annual Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Conference

7.0 MCLE / 7.0 E | $54 | Hybrid at The Bar Center

This is the 28th Annual Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Conference, which is sponsored by The Missouri Bar, The Bar Plan, and The Missouri Bar Foundation. Featured programs include: 

·         Don’t lose your personal identity! You are more than just a lawyer

·         The importance of sleep to our overall health 

·         The 12 steps of recovery, as worked through the Rules of Professional Conduct 

·         Addressing silent disabilities in the workplace

·         Trauma in the legal profession

·         The righting reflex: Stress management and well-being for attorneys and other human beings

Recipients of the 2023 Dorothy Kaiser Award, James T. Britt Memorial Award, and Warren Welliver Award will also be recognized.

Nov. 9 | Stuart travels to England! What Liverpool and the Beatles teach about attorney ethics

1.0   MCLE / 1.0 E | $120 | Online webinar

In this travel-journal style program, Teicher visits historical sites in Liverpool and talks about the Beatles, the City of Liverpool, and attorney ethics.

Topics include:

    Why being a paradigm shifter is about competence, Rule 1.1.

    The Beatles and their representation: (1) The rules always apply, Rule 3.4; (2) Tough negotiating tactics and Rule 4.1; (3) Zealous representation and professionalism.

    Rule 8.4, two ways: (1) What the In re Apple case teaches about lawyer investigation, (2) The lawyer controversy around “Paul is Dead,” Rule 7.1.

    What lawyers can learn about elimination of bias from the City of Liverpool

Speaker: Stuart Teicher, The CLE Performer

Nov. 15 | From Bonnie and Clyde, to Bernie Madoff: What the biggest thieves in history teach about attorney ethics

1.0   MCLE / 1.0 E | $120 | Online webinar

The ethics rules are all about deterring bad conduct, and who has conducted themselves worse than some of the most infamous thieves in history? Stuart Teicher unearths the stories of some of the worst crooks in history and reveals the ethics lessons that lie beneath their actions.

Topics include:

    Assisting in wrongdoing and Rule 8.4(a)

    Rule 1.6(b), financial crimes and frauds

    What criminal gangs teach about Rule 1.10 (imputing conflicts)

Speaker: Stuart Teicher, The CLE Performer