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MoveMakers & NewsMakers for November 14, 2023


See who is making news and moving where in the weekly Missouri Bar update "MoveMakers & NewsMakers."

St. Louis

Gabe Gore received the 2023 Government Excellence Award from Missouri State University. The award is given to government officials who exemplify leadership, support the university, and have outstanding achievements. He served as assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, assistant special counsel for the John C. Danforth Office of Special Counsel, and a member of the Ferguson Commission.  

Gore also had a successful 23-year career in private practice. On May 30, he was sworn in as the City of St. Louis circuit attorney.

The Association of Corporate Counsel – St. Louis Chapter (ACC STL) received the 2023 Outstanding Achievement Award in the mid-sized chapter category for “Best Partnership Program” from the Association of Corporate Counsel global association at its annual meeting held in October.

The ACC STL partnered with Washington University Olin Business School to present the April 14, 2023, program, “Using leadership and decision-making to overcome current business and legal challenges.” The ACC initiated the partnership with the school to provide chapter members access to current learnings from a local, nationally ranked business school.

Geoffrey Grammer, corporate counsel for Ameren and chair of the professional development committee for ACC STL, said, “We are honored to be recognized for this award and are thrilled that the Olin School of Business administration and professors partnered with us to offer an incredible program for our members.”

The professional development committee met with the assistant dean and the business school professors before the program to discuss the curriculum for the program and to understand the close working relationships among ACC STL members, corporate executives, managers, and operations teams; the diverse practice areas managed by in-house counsel; and the combined legal and business roles many in-house counsels serve. The half-day program offered courses ranging from organizational design and strategic management to leadership and improved communication skills training. Seventy members attended, and three hours of CLE was offered.

Grammer explained that the ACC STL members, as in-house counsel, work with executives and other business leaders, and would benefit from engaging, interactive courses on the topics of leadership and decision making. In addition to providing legal advice, many members may have positions that require them to lead teams and make crucial business decisions.

“Today, corporate attorneys serve in leadership roles and often participate in or make critical decisions that impact many stakeholders throughout the corporations where they work. In-house counselors, like their business counterparts, require training and education on how to make high-risk, high-opportunity decisions while under considerable time pressure. This partnership with the School of Business not only created strong in-house counsel but also strong members of the greater business community,” added Grammer.

The ACC STL chapter also received the “2023 Innovative Programming Effort” Award from the ACC global association annual meeting. This program was led by the diversity and inclusion committee. 

Capes Sokol is pleased to announce Megan K. D. Wakhisi as the latest addition to their firm. She joins the intellectual property practice group as an IP project specialist. Wakhisi brings a wealth of experience and expertise, enhancing the breadth and quality of legal services offered by the firm. 

“I’m so excited to have Megan join us at Capes Sokol,” said Gary Pierson, counsel and member of the firm's intellectual property group. “Many of my clients and colleagues worked with her at our previous firm and will remember her incredible service to clients, sharp eye for detail, and diverse set of skills and experience. She’s been integral to my practice for years, and we are very fortunate to have her here serving our clients at Capes Sokol.” 

Wakhisi's skill set allows her to add value in a variety of contexts, including the preparation of a variety of legal agreements, IP litigation matters, and the management of international IP portfolios. 

Wakhisi earned her Juris Doctor from New York Law School in 2013 after completing a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in U.S. history and criminal justice from Lees McRae College in 2010. 



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