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MoveMakers & NewsMakers for Dec. 14, 2021


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St. Louis | Mid-Missouri

St. Louis

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors appointed Krista Peyton and Darin Sorrell to the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution Committee during its Nov. 19 meeting.

Peyton serves as general counsel and contracting officer for the St. Louis Housing Authority. She joined The Missouri Bar in 1996.

In her statement of interest to The Missouri Bar Appointments Committee, Peyton said she wanted to serve on the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution Committee because of her experience with working with lawyers from various practice areas and her patience to listen to all sides of a dispute.

“Patience is the cornerstone of resolving disputes,” Peyton said. “Patience allows for someone facilitating resolution of a dispute to seek first to listen and then to speak. Resolving disputes requires a high degree of patience to fully understand the gist of the dispute and to locate a workable solution.”

Sorrell is a lawyer at Sorrell & Traube in St. Louis and joined The Missouri Bar in 2000. He said he has been interested in alternative dispute resolution for years and took Rule 17 Mediator Training while attending Saint Louis University School of Law. With his experience, Sorrell added, he hopes he can help lawyers solve disputes in a quick and cost-effective manner.

"The metope of the Supreme Court of Missouri building is inscribed with a quote from Daniel Webster: 'The law: it has honored us; may we honor it,'" Sorrell said. "Serving the bar in this capacity is a small token of my thanks for all that the bar has done for me."

Their terms will end Jan. 31, 2026.

Peyton and Sorrell will replace Ronald Mitchell and Judge James Eiffert, whose terms expire Jan. 31, 2022.


Elizabeth (Liz) Ziegler became president of the Council of Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) at its annual meeting on Dec. 9. COGEL is a professional organization for government agencies and other organizations working in ethics, elections, freedom of information, lobbying, and campaign finance. Membership is drawn principally from governmental agencies and interested individuals in the United States and Canada with some European, Australian, and Latin American members also.

Ziegler serves as executive director of the Missouri Ethics Commission which has been a long-time member of COGEL.



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